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I live in China and help transfer money from China and back almost at all countries. Europe, Latin America, America, the Middle East etc. Available all banks and all currencies. You can ask about it.
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Confidential policy

1. We are respects rights of users of the services (hereinafter Users or you), and takes all the responsibilities for confidentiality and storage of collected by the company personal information. Agrees that Users of its product and services (including the registered ones) have absolute right to know about the policy and the methods of proceeding data, which has been collected after their visiting, accessing and using website www.surgaev.com, as well as using particular Surgaev.com (the list of which you may find in the Licensed Agreement (further LA).

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I can use Personal Information to: (i) provide Services; (Ii) send messages to Users regarding Services; (Iii) provide Users with support; (Iv) send advertising materials to the target audience and inform about special deals (hereinafter - Advertising Materials).

3. Safety
Pays much attention to provision and maintenance of the Personal Information of Users. It applies standard industry technologies and methods to ensure the security of user data, as well as to prevent its unauthorised use. Despite this, the company can not guarantee absolute data protection. Users should keep their Personal Account number and other information related to it secretly.